The Kunst Magazine

artist: maja krstic
photographer: lotte bruning-donskoi @the next chapter
stylist: april jumelet
beauty: ingrid van hemert + bastien zorzetto @house of orange
models: margriet + anniek @micha models; merel @tjarda model management; anne sophie, daantje, danielle + juno @de boekers; myrthe, may + panjua @tulip models
Maja Krstic and Lotte Bruning Donskoi at The Kunst Magazine
Maja Krstic and Lotte Bruning Donskoi at The Kunst Magazine

maja krstic + lotte bruning-donskoi  / artist + photographer

your sign
maja: aries
lotte: sometimes Waterman, sometimes fishes, depending largely on the season and water temperature ;-)

m: belgrade, serbia
l: amsterdam, the netherlands

color palette
m: monochrome
l: love the palette of our shoot. but I have a weakness for ton-sur-ton

midnight snack
m: baby cookies
l: thai food

introvert or extrovert
m: somewhere in between
l: a bit of both, depends on my mood

song/artist on repeat right now
m: jono mccleery
l: heaven by the rolling stones

morning ritual
m: cold shower and a coffee
l: baby talk conversations with my daughter ella jacky and my husband at the breakfast table

favorite place in the world
m: home
l: home

last thing you've read
m: news - heatwave in europe
l: what’s app from maja

most memorable/influential moment growing up
m: choosing art academy over university
l: my parents trusting and believing in me, no matter what

favorite quote
m: “just to be you, what a privilege that is”
l: “if you wanna make an omlet, you gotta break some eggs”

maja krstic on the kunst magazine
lotte bruning-donskoi on the kunst magazine